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Faro Airport Arrivals

Faro airport is about 2.6 kilometers from the city center of Faro, Portugal. This is known to be one of the most important gateways serving the southern regions of the country. The airport is at its busiest during the summer months. This is because of the popular beaches along the Algarve coast. Ryanair is a favorite and leading airline chosen by people flying to and from Faro airport. There are also other prominent airlines present in the airport. These airlines fly to Birmingham, Madrid, Brussels, Dublin, Bristol, London-Stansted and many more. And they take passengers who want to visit and see the beauty of Faro City.

Faro airport has boosted the tourism industry for the Algarve region. It handles thousands of passenger arrivals from Europe especially Germany, Holland, Italy and the UK. Low cost airlines provide direct flights to Faro almost any time of the year. The terminal also accommodates disabled passengers providing them with ramps and lifts to move easily.
The airport terminal comes in two floors providing the main check-in desks and arrivals area on the ground floor. Within the vicinity of the airport, there are a number of restaurants that include a roof top café, which is open from the months April to October every year.

Arriving passengers can also avail the services of car hire companies that are operating in the airport. They can also take a chance to ride by taxis that take them outside the terminal building. Buses are available at the bus station but are only limited. All these will take you to the city center of Faro City. If you want to park your car at the airport, you can also do that through their available car parks. Parking services depends on how long you want to leave your car. There are respective car parks for dropping off and collecting people as well as long-term parking.