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Faro Airport Parking

Faro Airport is just four kilometers from Faro, Portugal. It is considered one of the busiest airports during summer months. The airport was said to accommodate over five million passengers in the previous year. And many tourists are still coming to visit its various tourist spots like resorts along Algarve coasts. Parking at the airport is divided into three main sections, which are within walking distance of the terminal building. There is no need for passengers to transfer to a shuttle bus just to reach the check-in area. Motorists can drop off passengers and their luggage just in front of the terminal building. However, there is no parking for this area. Hence, vehicles should never be left unattended or parked for a longer time. Airport security staff is around to monitor the flow of traffic in the area.

People who plan to park their car for a short while at Faro airport can do that in the P1 and P3 car parking areas. This is convenient for dropping off passengers who are about to leave Faro, or simply to fetch passengers that have arrived from the airport. Parking fee will usually cost one to two Euros. If you plan to park for the whole day, this will cost you 14 Euro. These parking at the airport can accommodate about 700 vehicles.

Long-term parking may be done at the P2 parking area. You can park your car in a span of a few days to weeks. Parking fee will depend on the number of days your vehicle is parked on the area. It is best to make arrangements with parking officials just if you plan to park your car in lengthy time periods. P2 can accommodate 320 parking spaces. There are also parking spaces for disabled drivers; however you will need to show your license to prove your worth.