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Faro Airport Buses

Faro airport is about four kilometers from Faro, Portugal. The airport is at its busiest during summer months from April to October. Every year, the airport can accommodate around five million passengers coming in and out of Faro.

When you land at the Faro airport, you will need to collect your baggage and proceed to the exit of the terminal building. If you plan to take a bus, you can find the main public bus at the airport heading to the center of Faro. The bus stop is just outside the main terminal building on your right. Heading for the Faro airport buses will make you find sign posts just outside the Faro airport arrival hall. Getting to the Faro airport by bus will only take you twenty minutes to travel and the single fare is 1.65 euro. The bus service runs to and fro Faro airport at regular intervals. You must note that these buses do not run a service minute for minute. You can check out availability of these buses at the information counter. There are a number of buses and routes at the main bus terminal from the center of Faro. Depending on your destination, you can choose which one suits your needs best.

Besides getting to the Faro airport by bus, you can also utilize other transport options like taxis and pre book transfers, which are also good choices in providing transfers from one destination to another. However, you need to be shake elbows and be fast than other people as this service comes on a first come first serve basis.

You can also try to hire a car at Faro airport if you want to spend quality time with your holidays. This can save you more money rather than spending trips on buses and taxis. Besides public transport only offer you limited routes.